Main Lesson


Over the next three days I would like you to please complete the following:

  1. Complete rough draft of the 'Excalibur' narrative.

  2. Edit 'Excalibur' rough draft.

  3. Ask you parents to do a final check.

  4. Copy 'Excalibur' story neatly into your Main Lesson book and illustrate.

  5. Complete any unfinished illustrations (including title page).

Below you will find a copy of the 'Excalibur Writing Task', for those who were away last Friday, and a copy of the 'Narrative Editing Checklist'.  As you won't have your Main Lesson book, please do your good copy and illustration on some plain white paper, and we will glue it into your Main Lesson book on Thursday.




Over the following three days, please read the following two stories.  Please listen to the audio below for more detailed instructions.

My apologies for not having the story audios ready for you today, but I have been having trouble uploading them.  I will endeavor to resolve this problem today.












Excalibur Narrative Writing Task


Editing Checklist

Balyn and Balyn Story

Instructions Balwyn And Balan
00:00 / 05:14

The Doom of Merlin

Instructions Doom Of Merlin
00:00 / 02:48
Balyn And Balan Pt2-2
00:00 / 09:31
Balyn And Balan Pt 3
00:00 / 09:01
Balyn And Balan Pt 1
00:00 / 09:11
The Doom Of Merlin
00:00 / 05:57