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The Age of Discovery - Term 3, Week 1

Two inventions 200720Class 7
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Pastime with Good CompanyClass 7
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This afternoon, after practising your instrument, you could find a place to sit quietly and read a book, journal or draw. Also go for a walk or spend time in your own garden. Collect or pay attention to  something along the way that you have not noticed  before. 

See what you can do to help with getting dinner ready.


Henry the Navigator 200721Class 7
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Pastime with Good CompanyClass 7
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Hello Class 7!

There were a few birthdays over the holidays - happy birthday to Hayden, Viola and Audrey! I hope you each had a very special day... 

This afternoon, remember to practise your instrument if you haven't already. Then perhaps you can think of some kind of rainy weather activity. Maybe reading a book to a brother or sister, or writing a letter to a friend. Cooking or baking is always comforting on a rainy day. 

Have a lovely day,



Christopher Columbus 200722Class 7
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Pastime with Good CompanyClass 7
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Good morning Class 7, 

I hope you are all well. Remember your daily instrument practise at some point today. I gave my recorder a good 15 minutes' practise and my fingers really appreciated it. 

This afternoon you could find an item of clothing that needs mending or start a handwork project, perhaps  knitting or crocheting something. (I am happy to give some ideas or instructions for projects, if you want to email or phone me.) Another idea is to think, "Is there a friend or family member who has a birthday coming up?" Maybe you could make a card for them and write them a poem.

Thank you to those people who have already sent some work through. It's such a delight to see your beautiful drawings and how you have approached the writing task each day.  

Have a great day. Love, Larissa 


The Year 1492Class 7
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Pastime with Good CompanyClass 7
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Hi Class 7, 

I am writing to you on Wednesday evening, while the sun sets amongst grey puffy clouds, with a bit of a peachy glow. It reminds me of the many beautiful sunsets I have seen you paint over the years, but especially in Class 5, when it seemed quite a popular pastime! I can hear pigeons cooing, which you don't hear much at all in and around the school. Time for dinner... Perhaps you can help cook a meal in the afternoon, or make something for the pantry like biscuits or muffins. Enjoy your Thursday, bye for now. 

Love Larissa 

...and don't forget your beloved instrument, it needs some attention :)


AmericaClass 7
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Pastime with Good CompanyClass 7
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What a delightful sunrise this morning! I wonder who else was up early enough to see it? Or is everyone sleeping in? Well done on reaching the end of our first week of remote learning. Take some time this afternoon to tidy, clean and put things away so you can have a relaxing weekend. Perhaps you can pick a winter posie of flowers, or herbs from your garden and set up a centre piece for your dining table.

See you Monday.

Love, Larissa