June 10th, 2021

Main Lesson


As you relisten to the audios below, please consider the following questions:

  • What concerns did many people have about the Catholic Church during the Renaissance?

  • Why were people scared to speak out about their concerns?

  • How do you think Martin Luther found the courage to speak out against the Catholic Church?

  • Why do you think other people within his community were willing to listen to him?


Writing Task

Please copy Galileo biography into Main Lesson book.

Drawing Task

Please complete drawing to accompany Galileo biography.


New Information

Please listen to the audio below.








Martin Luther
00:00 / 09:21
Borgia and Savonarola
00:00 / 09:00
Luther and the Reformation
00:00 / 07:49
The Diet of Worms
00:00 / 07:57