Hello Class 7. Apologies for the late upload, I was unable to access the site until recently. Your task for our remote leaning science lesson this week is to read through the attached document and answer the following questions on some paper that you can then put into your science folder. You can title it “Metal Oxides Questions”. The task involves recapping and continuing from last week’s material.


We obviously cannot do an experiment this week, but we hopefully will be able to next Monday.


Read through the document before answering.



  1. What does calcium carbonate and magnesium react with when it undergoes combustion?

  2. What is the name of both products from last week’s experiment?

  3. Metal oxides are basic, what are the properties of basic compounds?

  4. What do you have to do to lime to produce heat?

  5. How is quicklime used in society and/or industry?

  6. Why is quicklime considered dangerous? How did ancient civilisations take advantage of this?

  7. What colour do you think quicklime would turn universal indicator to?

  8. What colour do you think an acid like vinegar would turn universal indicator to? (Hint: think back to our experiments on acids and bases)

Notes to read through