June 4th, 2021

Main Lesson


Please relisten to the audios below.  Today you will be writing a short biography of Leonardo so while relistening to the Leonardo audios today, please add to the dot point notes that you began taking in your Rough Draft book yesterday. 


The biography will be only 1-2 pages in length, so you will not be able to include all the details that are brought to you in the audio.  One of the skills you are practising in this writing task is that of judgement/discernment - which pieces of information are important to include and which are not. 

Writing Task

Please find today's writing task in the attached document below.

Drawing Task

Please choose any of the images below to copy into your Main Lesson book to accompany today's writing.  










New Information

Please listen to the audio below.  

Images of Raphael's work:






Images of Michelangelo's work:

Inventions and the Mona Lisa
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The Last Supper
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Raphael and Michelangelo
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