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The Age of Discovery - Term 3, Week 5



Henry VIII
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Welcome to week 5, Class 7. We have a couple of days to wrap up our Age of Discovery Main Lesson and then we will move on to something new. 

Do you know what Caught between a rock and a hard place means? It means you only have two options and both are equally unpleasant. 

Here's one for you to think about until tomorrow: 

Going off like a prawn in the sun.

You can email an answer if you like, or wait to see the answer on Tuesday. 

Have a peaceful day, 

Love Larissa 


The Great Armada
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Good morning Class 7,

Gorgeous day! There may be some exciting rain this afternoon...

We will complete our Renaissance Main Lesson tomorrow. If you need more paper, take a whole leaf from the middle of your newest Main Lesson book and tuck it into the back of your Renaissance Main Lesson book. 

Yesterday's idiom was: Going off like a prawn in the sun and it means to be really passionate or angry about something. You might have an opportunity to use it today, to describe someone's attitude towards something...

Here is an idiom to consider for tomorrow:

Fine words butter no parsnips.

Have a terrific day!




Francis Drake
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Hola Clase Siete,

Fine words butter no parsnips means that speeches are no substitute for hard work.

Here is an idiom for today: Throw your hat into the ring. Let me know if you think you know what that means...

Enjoy your last story about the Renaissance. I will see you tomorrow for the start of a new Main Lesson (and some finishing off as well).

All the best,

Love Larissa


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Hello dear class 7 students... 

How did you go with the idiom? To throw your hat into the ring means to challenge one's rival for a contest; put yourself forward to take on a responsibility. 

Here's one for today: You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.

Mmmm, omelette... I'm off to make some breakfast.

Have a terrific day. 




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Dear Class 7,

We are changing our format a little, to fit with our new Main Lesson. There is a bit of a warm up on the left (verse, maths, music) and then your bookwork, and lastly, the new activity. I have made an audio of the bookwork instructions and the new activity, so you an either read or listen to these (or a bit of both). 

You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs means you need to bear some hardships in order to achieve good things in life.

What about this one: It's a poor workman who quarrels with his tools. I will tell you the answer on Monday. Have a great weekend - there might be some snow in the mountains!

Love Larissa