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The Age of Discovery - Term 3, Week 3



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Dear Class 7, 

Welcome to week 3. We are learning about some artists from the Renaissance today. You might recognise the name of one of them. 

Enjoy this beautiful weather - crisp and clear and sunny. 

I have had a lot of your work sent to me and I have really enjoyed looking over it. 

Here is a joke - from Rana - thanks Rana!

Why did the mechanic sleep under the car?

Because he wanted to get up nice and oily.

(He might want to put some effort into fixing the car!)

Have a lovely day,

Hasta la vista,



Good morning Class 7,

Teachers are having a student-free day today, to prepare for more remote learning.

See you tomorrow.

I hope you have a relaxing day. 

Larissa :)


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Hola Clase Siete,

How wonderful to see snow on the mountain ranges! Hopefully you were all at home wth warm drinks and such cosy comforts. 

On the weekend we had a birthday girl among our students - Emma celebrated her birthday - Happy Birthday Emma! I am sure you did something fun and creative. 

Here is a joke for today, which I think ties in nicely with a birthday - how much do we change in one year (or sooner as the case may be)? Sometimes a lot!

Adios amigos. 

Love, Larissa


Leonardo The Last Supper
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Hello dear class 7 students. 

I wonder how many of us will experience that it is quieter around our homes, now that many of us are at home so much more. The road near our house is still quite busy, with noise from about 4am! It must be all the bakers getting in nice and early to get the ovens hot, and nurses off to do their shift at the hospital... well I hope you too are up early enough (maybe not 4am) to enjoy the early morning light which is so precious yet so fleeting. Here's a joke for you, thanks to Tessa:  

A man walks into a book shop.

"Do you have any books on turtles?"

The man asks, "Hard back?"

The sales assistant replies,"Yes with little heads."

Have a delightful day. 

Love Larissa


Inventions and the Mona Lisa
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Hello for the last time of the week. We have made it three weeks! Good on us!

Monday's space is waiting for a joke - do you have one you can send me?

I miss you all very much!

Have a lovely weekend, 

Love Larissa