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Electricity, Magnetism, Mechanics


Good morning Class 7 and welcome to Term 4's remote learning lessons. 

I hope you have had a restful holiday. 

There have been quite a few birthdays in the last 3 weeks - Happy Birthday to Xander, Elayna, Angus, Ochre and Olivia! I hope you all had a special time with your families.

We are starting a Physics Main Lesson today. Each day you can look at the new instructions and then move through the sequenced parts of the lesson. 

If you have any questions, you can reach me by phone or email during school hours. 

Specialist lessons have their own tabs this time and you can move through these lessons at your own pace as the week progresses and teachers put up their lessons for you.


Have a lovely day,



Good morning Class 7

Hello everyone!

It was so wonderful to see those of you who joined our morning check-in yesterday. 

Soon after that, we got the news that we are coming back to school next Monday!

How exciting!

I am so looking forward to seeing you all then. I would love to hear suggestions of what we should do on our first day back, if you have any...

In the meantime, keep working hard!

Have a lovely day,




Physics Story 1
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Hi everyone,

After Main Lesson today please go to the Health page and look at what Yvette has put up for you to do. She would like it returned to her soon so please read her instructions and do the tasks this week. 

Some people wanted Kelly's verses and forms for the elements that you did last term. They are on the eurythmy page now.

In case you didn't see it, Louise put some maths up yesterday.

Also, there is Latin for you to do this week. Elisabeth is expecting everyone to do this in readiness for week 2 at school.

Let me know if you need anything.

All the best,


Physics Story 2
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Hello Class 7,

Here is today's Main Lesson work. 

Remember to also give your subject lessons enough attention so that when you get back to school on Monday you are ready to continue with what's next in those classes. 

Also, if you have any ideas of what you think we should do on our first day back (in Main Lesson time) you can email me. 

Have a great day.

Love Larissa 

Physics Story 3
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Hola Clase Siete,

I have a couple of demonstrations and activities ready for when we get back to school. They will be more fun to explore together in the classroom than just watching on a video. So I have brought forward an art lesson for you to do today - and this will free up some afternoon time next week for us to do science activities. It is perhaps a bit of a mystery as to why I would ask you to draw from the list of objects I have given you, but all will be revealed as our Main Lesson progresses. All the instructions you need are here in "Today's Instructions". For best results, work patiently and take you time. 

Hasta luego (see you later)


Physics Story 4
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